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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Book Reviews Coming Soon

What an amazing holiday it has been, between the tsunami tragedy, the Coleman meltdown at The Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the tremendous reception Hugh Hewitt's new book is receiving on the Blogosphere, there has been far more excitement than I recall at this time of the year in a long, long time.

With a horde of family in our home for the holidays, my blogging has been limited to furtively catching up on the news as time and circumstance allowed. But I've also been able to get in some serious reading, one result of which will be a series of book reviews in coming days. For now, here are some brief initial thoughts on the four books that have been occupying my attention:

First, my copy of Hugh's "Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation" is on its way via Amazon.com, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Being a born-again Southern Baptist with a Reformed perspective and a career in journalism, the title alone is enough to get me excited!

But I wonder - how did all you people writing those glowing reviews get your copies so early? And how do I get with the program for Hugh's next book? And Donald Sensing's upcoming effort? And all the rest of the works that are undoubtedly being produced/written/conceived at this very moment? Somebody please help me!!

Second, Dennis Bailey's "The Open Society Paradox: Why the 21st Century Calls for More Openness, not Less" is essential reading for bloggers, legacy media types and anybody else who cares about winning the war on terrorism and preserving civil liberties in America. Dennis has written an important book about which I will have much, much more to say early next week.

Third, James Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds" explains the critical elements of the success of the Blogosphere and thus why the MSM can never match the reporting power represented in the new media. It may be the essential preface to Hugh's book.

Finally, Nancy Pearcey's "Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity" captures the pre-theoretical presuppositions of secularism and convincingly demonstrates how even modern evangelical Christian culture in America is far from immune from those presuppositions. Pearcey is addressing primarily those of a philosophical bent but in a popular language that makes what could be heavy going quite accessible for those who don't normally ponder issues such as how Aquinas erred in adapting Aristotle to Mediavel thought.

So you see, between slicing the Christmas turkey, playing lots of family games and cracking some delightful books, I have been a busy boy, contrary to all appearances here. Active posting will resume January 3.

In the meantime, folks, have a happy, happy New Year!