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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tim Porter has More From the Future of the News

We noted in this space a few days ago that Dan "We the Media" Gillmor is leaving The San Jose Mercury News for a "grassroots journalism" endeavour for which he recently secured seed funding. Gillmor's transition struck us as a milestone in another transition - our society's move from getting its news from the MSM to the Internet-inspired new media being the dominant news source.

One of the precursors to the new media is South Korea's OhMyNews.com because it makes thousands of its readers members of its reporting staff. Gillmor was recently interviewed by OhMyNews and several of his comments shed light on where he and the rest of us media mavens are headed.

Here's another name you should know - Tim Porter. He's a former newspaper journalist who has been among the Blogosphere's most active and thoughtful media analysts. In many respects, Porter's take on Gillmor's interview is as interesting as the interview itself. You can read it here. And you should.