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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Amen, brother! Hewitt on Why Rathergate Won't Be Going Away Anytime Soon

John Ellis thinks the Blogosphere ought to pipe down on Rathergate. Hugh Hewitt - the first blogger to declare the Thorburgh/Boccardi Rathergate report a whitewash - takes exception to Ellis and explains why that report is far from the end of the controversy:

"Sorry, but the fact remains that CBS' Les Moonves proclaimed the network exonerated, Heyward and Rather are still there, the connections between Kerry HQ and Mapes are still undocumented, and the raw data isn't in the public domain. That's not an investigation, that's not even oversight. That's a long and detailed head fake leading to the dismissal of the fall gals and little else. All the condescension in the world doesn't change the reality that a whole bunch of people in and around media mistook page count for thoroughness."

Here's what Ellis said:

"The blogospehere needs to get a grip. I'm not sure which was more pathetic, bloggers posting their phone numbers for "media interviews" or all the bloviating about "whitewash" and "cover-up." Memo to bloggers: (1) we don't care if you're on TV and; (2) The report is the most scathing indictment of the standards and practices of CBS News ever published, by anyone at anytime (with the possible exception of Renata Adler's work on the Westmoreland vs. CBS case). Stop preening and stop whining."