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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Can We Please Stop Lecturing People?

New York University Journalism Prof. Jay Rosen's PressThink blog is one of the essential sites for folks who need to understand the new media revolution moving apace as the new year commences. He is presently in the process of reviewing the fifth of his Top 10 Ideas of 2004, "News Turns from Lecture to Conversation."

Reading the whole series will put you ahead of 99 percent of the folks in the MSM in terms of understanding what is and will be going on during these extraordinarily exciting days in the news business. But if time demands - or maybe a throbbing reminder of all that fun you had last night! - restrict you to going through Rosen's current posting you will still be richly rewarded, including learning the identity of that wonderful question that forms the headline for this particular post. When you get the significance of who said it and why, you get to pass go and collect $200.

Enjoy! And email the professor with your thoughts.