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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Captain's Quarters Has Great Way to Help Tsunami Victims

Nobody knows for sure how many people will ultimately be counted as victims of the Tsunami, but not even six-figure body counts begin to convey the suffering of those who survived and who lost loved ones. It is quite possible that this will be the greatest natural disaster any of us will witness in our lifetimes.

Captain's Quarters has established with Worldvision an online campaign to raise $25,000 to aid Tsunami victims. WorldVision is a solid charitable organization that gets a maximum of your donation to the people who need it. Last time I checked, the response was so great that Captain Ed was able to increase the goal. Even if as is likely you've already given to another relief effort, there is never enough, so give again through this campaign in the Blogosphere. Just click on the link above and follow the directions.