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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Here's the Blogosphere's Essential Reading on Rathergate

You knew release of the CBS Rathergate report would generate an avalanche of analyses and commentary on the Blogosphere but wow! How to sort it out, right? Well, here are my recommendations of posts that are must-reads. There are more that I haven't found yet, so if you don't see one you think should be included here, please let me know.

Powerline can't resist pointing out the key role of their "The 61st Minute" posting in igniting the blog swarm that led to Rather's downfall. And you shouldn't resist reading everything those guys have posted thus far, which you can do here.

Little Green Footballs is calling the report a "greywash," not a whitewash, and hones in on what I agree is the most disturbing aspect of the whole affair, the "DNC connection."

Hugh Hewitt was the first blogger I saw yesterday to pronounce the CBS report a whitewash and his subsequent postings amount to a systematic dismembering of the grounds for taking a charitable view of the report's conclusions. Weekly Standard's Jonathan Lash puts the dismembering into a nice, neat package here.

The Professor also has an outstanding suggestion for the new CBS vice president tasked with restoring the network's credibility in news reporting. Jay Rosen of PressThink suggests making public via the internet unedited versions of all of the interviews that were done in preparation of the September 8 segment, including those that didn't ultimately contribute something seen on screen by the public.

If you can only read one blog, go to Ratherbiased.com.

But if you can only read one post, you won't do better than to go to Captain's Quarter and read this. "The Perils Of Advocacy Journalism And The Case For CBS' Bias" brings all the key facts together in the overwhelming evidence of political bias.