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Friday, January 14, 2005

Malkin Endures the Cost of Conviction

Columnist Michelle Malkin is a frequent guest on the talking-heads cable TV circuit these days and she never leaves any question about what she believes. Michelle expresses her views in a direct, concise and sometimes brutally honest manner.

It appears, however, that for some in the audience extremely intelligent and articulate women of Asian ethnicity are not supposed to think for themselves or talk (unless they are married to Maury Povich?). Click on the headline above and you will see the gutter-depths to which some who dislike Michelle's views will sink.

Michelle, I don't always agree with you but I always admire your guts, tenacity and toughness. You elevate the public discourse by insisting on intellectual honesty and rigor, and I promise you that there are legions of people "out there" who listen more closely when you speak. Never let the thugs silence you.