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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Media Bloggers Association Opens Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative

Bloggers have led the world media's coverage of the Tsunami, providing within hours of the tragedy countless eyewitness accounts of the disaster and its aftermath. Standing out in that coverage have been bloggers who ahead of other media outlets have posted many of the amateur videos shot by people as the waves pounded on shore and through their lives.

Posting those videos requires bandwidth, which costs money. Now the Media Bloggers Association, of which I am a proud member, has stepped forward with a campaign to aid bloggers hit by the high cost of video posting in their coverage of the Tsunami.

"When the word went out that bloggers needed help dealing with the high cost of bandwidth from hosting Tsunami video, the MBA saw an opportunity to fulfill its mission by supporting citizen's media and hyperlocal news reporting by bloggers, said MBA's Robert Cox. "Rather than leave it to bloggers to beg for cost reductions from their ISPs, the MBA is matching willing ISPs with willing bloggers and other video sources."

If you are one of the willing and need to be matched up, click on the "Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative" logo in the right-hand column. Or just click on the headline above this posting. It's important enough to do it now.