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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Scylla & Charybidis Point to More CBS/DNC Links

The communication and coordination line between CBS's Mary Mapes and the DNC/Kerry campaign is becoming clearer with each passing day. Latest here is from Scylla & Charybidis who note that CBS Rathergate reporting team included the network's senior political editor, Dottie Lynch. Lynch should be familiar to many as she is often heard on the talking heads circuit, invariably defending whatever happens to be the current liberal democrat position on the issue of the moment.

S&C includes this quote from Lynch describing her political evolution:

"From 1972 until 1985 I worked in politics as a pollster for Democratic candidates and liberal causes. Most of the candidates, most notably Presidential contenders George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Gary Hart, were simpatico with my liberal values and I felt somewhat fulfilled in working through them to build a better society. I had become a very ardent feminist...."

Let's see now, Chad "They better hope we don't win" Clanton is the buddy of Mapes' hubbie and makes certain Mapes is able to talk to another Kerry campaign aide, Joe Lockhart, re: Bill Burkett. And CBS's politcal news editor is a long-time DNC/liberal candidate pollster who viewed her profession through liberal millenarian lenses. But Thornburgh/Boccardi found no basis for concluding there was political bias in the September 8 Rathergate broadcast.

Here's my prediction: If we ever do find out definitively who produced the forged documents regarding the Bush service in the Texas Air National Guard, they will either be a long-time DNC/liberal activist in the Mapes constellation of friends and sources or somebody from the fever swamp left of Texas Democrats. If you are from Texas or familiar with Texas politics, as I am, you will know instantly the crowd to whom I refer in the latter link.

This probably explains why CBS has no apparent interest in discovering who slipped them forged documents. If CBS were to determine the identify and then disclose it publicly, it would provide a useful template for identifying a multifaceted network of links between the network's news operation and the world of DNC/liberal activism. And of course, the same template would likely work for ABC, NBC and CNN as well. BTW, this is not to suggest a conspiracy, bur rather to reiterate the reality of echo-chamber isolation within which the MSM operates. Put another way, the MSM desperately needs to expand its universe of news sources.

Speaking of which, since Les Moonves and the rest of CBS management has a fiduciary responsibility to CBS stockholders, aren't these people obligated to at least try to determine the identify of the forger?