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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Thanks a lot, Armstrong!

What on earth was he thinking? LaShawn Barber says it all on her blog this morning. When people ask me what I think, I'm sending them to her blog because she says it better than I can. Here's just a taste, but you should read her entire posting on the issue:

"Reinforcing the black-conservatives-are-sellouts stereotype, Williams has just handed to liberals, on a plate made of pure gold served by a well-dressed butler in a most tastefully decorated setting, enough fodder to keep them gobbling for months to come. In the aftermath of John Kerry’s demoralizing defeat in a failed bid to lead the free world, liberals have found the scandal they’ve been searching for. Thanks, Mr. Williams."

Just click on the head above and you'll go to LaShawn's blog, which after reading you probably will want to add to your daily reading list.