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Monday, January 31, 2005

USA Today Reports One of Three High Schoolers Want More Government Control of Media; Bare Majority Support Freer Press

USA Today reports this morning that a third of American high school students think the government should exercise more control over the news media. Only 51 percent of the 112,003 kids interviewed favor more freedom for the news media. For anybody who cares about individual freedom, this is truly alarming news. Click on the headline above to get the full USAT story.

It's difficult to know with whom we should be more angry, the MSM that has so discredited the profession of journalism in the past two decades or the public school system that so utterly fails to teach American kids about the basics of their government, including why the Founders recognized with the First Amendment that an independent media is essential to Republican government.

UPDATE: Over at Ombudsgod.com, Mithridate has it exactly right, here. Don't miss it!