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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Want to Know 10 Reasons Americans Will be Safer in 2005?

Dennis Bailey has a smile on his face on this first day of 2005 and not merely because it is a new year. Bailey - author of "The Open Society Paradox," an important book that will be reviewed at length here next week - offers 10 solid reasons why we will all be safer in the coming 12 months than we were in 2004 and before.

Clicking on the headline above takes you to The Boston Globe op-ed page. For those who prefer my old stomping grounds, The Washington Times, click here for a slightly longer version of the same piece.

By the way, the Blogosphere is one of the key reasons Bailey cites for the growing security we enjoy in this country. The subtitle of his book is "Why the 21st Century Calls for More Openness, Not Less." Obviously, he gets it.