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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

AP's Crenson Discusses Heritage Muff

AP Reporter Matt Crenson answered my 2/1 email asking why he failed to talk to anybody at The Heritage Foundation regarding its research indicating Blacks receive a much poorer rate of return from Social Security than Whites:

"Thank you for your email asking about the story on Social Security that I filed last Saturday. I chose not to contact the Heritage Foundation when reporting the article because the organization's position had already been described by President Bush and by earlier news reports. So it seemed sufficient merely to mention it.
"Similarly, the positions of the Social Security Administration and the AARP are well-known and easily accessible, so I did not contact representatives of those organizations either.
"I did not intend to give anybody short-shrift, but felt that an article contrasting two well-known opinions would not be very enlightening to readers. My intention was to expand the discussion by including the voices of those who have not yet been heard, especially public health experts capable of explaining racial discrepancies in life expectancy.
"Thanks again for your inquiry. I appreciate having the Heritage Foundation as a resource and look forward to contacting the organization in my future reporting."

More to come.