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Saturday, February 19, 2005

"Connected Coast-to-Coast" Gets Rave Review from WordunHeard blog

Word is getting around the Blogosphere about the new MSNBC show co-hosted by Monica Crowley and Ron Reagan Jr., called "Connected Coast-to-Coast." WordunHeard.com recently posted a lengthy and highly laudatory review that you can read here.

WordunHeard's enthusiasm stems from the fact MSNBC has designed the show around the use of blogs and blogger feedback on news as it develops each day. The show's hosts take an initial look at the day's news, relying primarily on reporting and perspectives from the Blogosphere, during the noon hour, then return in the 5-6 p.m. time slot for updates, discussion and feedback.

I missed the first week's telecasts but if the show develops the format's potential, WordunHeard's optimism about the program will be more than fulfilled. Monica Crowley is a natural for the show, being smart, knowledgeable and extremely articulate. Ron Reagan Jr. is a surprising choice, but perhaps he will match or even exceed MSNBC's apparent expectation that he can be an effective and appealing liberal news-talk show co-host.

In the meantime, here's a couple of graphs from WordunHeard's enthusiastic review:

"From a blogger’s perspective, one of the best segments of the week had nothing to do with the ‘Topic of the Day’, but rather the ‘Topic of the Times’. It introduced two unfamiliar faces, but two very familiar names. In a segment that dealt with exactly what a blog is, what constitutes a good blog and good blogger, Erick Ericson of Redstate.org was a guest along with Robin Burk of Winds of Change.

"If you missed it, you should watch it here (courtesy of Redstate.org via Winds of Change). It was recorded origionally on a poor quality video tape, but it is worth your viewing. Robin Burk gives an unarguable definition of what constitutes a good blogger and a good blog post. All that from brand new faces…furthering my previous point.

"The topic selection is smart and reflective of both major events in the news and major hot topics in the blogosphere. The two do not always coincide. That is what makes C2C so different. C2C does (and will) cover both.C2C has decidedly and consciously charted a new course, one that will prove to be the drip-drip-drip through the dyke, ever increasing until the barrier is no more.

The ‘Law of the Flow’ has been ratified (if not written) by the blogosphere. Control of the flow of information has just been decentralized. It was only a matter of time before it was recognized by one of the traditional ‘gatekeepers’ of the flow of information that there is nothing to be gained by desperately clinging to the old ways. It is not yet a matter of immediate survival, but it will be soon. I have suggested before that the last to adapt will be the first to disappear from the landscape."

Interesting isn't it, that the number three guy in the cable news-talk competition is the one who takes the risk and tries a show based on a concept that is far from well-understood outside the Blogosphere and precincts of the web's marketing mavens.