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Friday, February 04, 2005

Eason Jordan Update: The Fourth Rail Demands CNN Release Forum Tape; Abovitz Answers Hewitt Queries

The Eason Jordan flap is heating up this morning, as Bill Roggio, proprietor of The Fourth Rail and a former member of the U.S. military, demands that CNN make public the Davos videotape. That videotape would remove any doubt whether Jordan accused American military personnel of targeting and killing journalists in Iraq.

Here's the text of Roggio's letter to CNN:

"Hello CNNia Administrator,
"Release the videotape and a transcript of Mr. Jordan's comments at Davos, and I will be convinced. Until then your apologetic is unconvincing and insulting. Several bloggers in attendence heard otherwise, and based on Mr. Jordan's history, I am inclinded to agree
with them.
"Mr. Jordan has a long history of demeaning the US military and accusing them of targeting journalists. As a former soldier I am personally insulted. Perhaps CNN should launch an investigation into his statements. Your association with Mr. Jordan can be very damaging to
your credibility and reputation.
"I have suspended citing CNN as a source of material in my weblog, which is viewed by over 1,500 people a day, until I am convinced CNN is honest in getting to the bottom of this story. My readers typically follow the links through on my posts to read my sources.

"I have copied other bloggers in an attempt to convince them to do the same. Hopefully this
will create a noticable impact on your site hits and give your adversisers pause.
"Also, I have begun to compile a list of CNN advertisers and will put together a letter to make them aware of this situation unless I see results.
"We demand the transcript of Davos and nothing less."

CNN would be well-advised to make that videotape public ASAP, as well as any other materials it may have that shed light on Jordan's most recent comments and those he has made in a similar vein in the past. You can read those here, courtesy of LaShawn Barber's Repository I and II.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt has posted the answers he received to questions he put yesterday, I believe, to Rony Abovitz, who was the first to disclose the World Economic Forum controversy ignited by Jordan's claims. You can read Hugh's text here and Abovitz's original posting here.