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Thursday, February 10, 2005

EASONGATE UPDATE: MSNBC's Scarborough says put up or be fired

Joe Scarborough, the former GOP congressman turned MSNBC talkfest host, delivered a scathing indictment of CNN's Eason Jordan last night, saying Jordan should either produce evidence to back his apparent claim that U.S. soldiers intentionally target journalists in Iraq or be fired as an example to the rest of CNN that rumor-mongering is not acceptable in a credible news organization.

Fox News' Brit Hume also brought up Easongate with "the panel" during his evening newscast and it was clear that panelists Morton Kondracke, Mara Liasson and Charles Krauthammer all thought Jordan has committed a most serious journalistic sin. Krauthammer in particular just hammered Jordan, leaving him absolutely no wiggle room (or to use David Gergen's interesting term, "walk-back" space) between dressing up unproved assertions as news and claiming to have been misunderstood. Captain's Quarters has the analysis of both these critiques, which you can read by clicking on the headline on this posting.

But wait there's more!

Over at Easongate.com, Bill Roggio and crew have great summaries of the Scarborough and Hume segments, as well as an Easongate petition you should know about, plus an interesting and challenging discussion of the Blogosphere's motives in this affair. NRO's Jim Geraghty sparked the posting with some very tough and much-needed questions for bloggers to ponder, as this scandal continues to develop. Take-away point - there is such a thing as a blog feeding frenzy, as one of Easongate's commenters put it, and a logical, transparent and fact-based process of unravelling the story. It is a mark of maturity that the Blogosphere understands Geraghty's point and practices what he preaches so well.

Finally, go to Jeff Jarvis and BuzzMachine and spend some time with his "Whose News" analysis of Easongate and Gannongate. Jeff's perspective is especially valuable because he is both a grizzled veteran of the MSM and one of the most perceptive expert practicioners of the new media.

There undoubtedly is much more of note on Easongate that I've missed. Be sure to check out Michelle Malkin here (though, you might want to ignore the "Bush =s Hitler"item because it will probably make you spittle-launching, table-pounding angry with our public schools and The Providence Journal) and Truth Laid Bear here, where you will find the latest roundup of Easongate commentary throughout the Blogosphere.


UPDATE: Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal editorial board has an interesting take on the Easongate scandal, which is as it should be since he was present in the audience at the very World Economic Forum panel where Jordan seemed to accuse U.S. soldiers of purposely killing a dozen journalists. You can read Stephens op-ed here, I think - it requires registration.

Unfortunately, Stephens fails to disclose a critical piece of information. He is affiliated with the WEF via its satellite group, the Forum of Young Global Leaders. If you aren't familiar with that forum, its membership includes 1,111 men and women who are under 40 years of age and who are deemed to be media leaders. Stephens was recently accepted as a member, according to Dinocrat.com, which broke this story here.