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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

GRASSROOTS GOVERNMENT: Nanobot blogs Congressional Nano Caucus news conference

It's small - hey, it's a nano thing, you know - with only a handful of members but the Congressional Nano Caucus held a joint news conference today on Capitol Hill with members of the NanoBusiness Alliance, commenting on President Bush's proposed 2006 budget for science and technology programs.

The news conference itself wasn't particularly newsworthy, as it was one of legions of such gatherings this week in which people and organizations with an interest in the myriad of federally-funded programs and activities contributed their two-cents worth on the Bush budget.

What was more newsworthy was the fact Adam Keiper, managing editor of The New Atlantis, blogged the Congressional Nano Caucus/NanoBusiness Alliance news conference for NanoBot.com. Keiper is a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a NanoBot correspondent.

Now unless you happen to be passionate about nanotechnology and/or work in the industry, odds are great that you won't see a word about the news conference in tomorrow's MSM, despite the fact that developments in this amazing field are on the verge of paradigm-changing advances in several areas. That is why Uncle Sam has been spending hundreds of millions of tx dollars in recent years supporting nanotechnology research endeavours.

NanoBot put the Capitol Hill news conference on the screens of anybody and everybody. It would have been no difficult task to enable NanoBot visitors to ask questions of the news conference participants. That in a nutshell is the power of Grassroots Government - using the Web to put governors and governed in the same place, regardless of their location, to discuss what should be done.

Put another way, it's the beginning of bringing the wisdom of crowds into the daily affairs of government. What's the next step, folks?