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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

GRASSROOTS GOVERNMENT UPDATE: William Eggers' "Government 2.0"

I started reading "Government 2.0" tonight and was so encouraged by the introduction that I just had to post something on it. Here's the graph that especially got me revved up:

"And then there is the matter of using the Internet to open up government to create greater scrutiny by regular citizens. Achieving real transparency is about much more than just slapping a few friendly stats on a public web site. People want to see the full picture, the one that includes the recent surge in the rat population and slacking sanitation crews.
"This requires a total mindshift - one in which public officials permit successes and embarrassments to be both online and searchable. Sound utopian? In fits and starts, it's already happening, as you will learn in chapter 6."

That makes me want to just skip right on over to chapter six and read it first since, as regular readers know, my passion is seeking ways the web in general and the Blogosphere specifically can transform government, as it is now transforming the MSM, the marketing world and so much else. Sounds like Eggers has a similar passion, plus a whole lotta info, insight and knowledge I can't wait to tap!

Eggers is Senior Fellow at The Manhattan Institute and Global Director, Public Sector for Deloitte Research in Washington, D.C. Many of you may also know him as the co-author with former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith of "Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector," as well as a lengthy list of books, monographs and magazine articles numerous aspects of privatization of government services.

I'll keep you posted as I read "Government 2.0."