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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Harp Launches "Mind & Media" to Aid Bloggers Seeking to Review Latest Books

If you want to meet an entreprenurial dynamo, head to SoCal and look up Stacy Harp, proprietor for some time of MediaSoul.com blog and the brand-new company, Mind&Media.com. I absolutely love the arguably accurate proposition that forms the subtitle of the former - "because even people in the media have souls, too" - and Stacy is stepping out on an exciting project in the latter.

Mind & Media's reason for being is to test a concept in helping great bloggers get an advance tip on great new books, DVD documentaries and movies, and musicians that might otherwise be invisible to the vast marketing machines in Hollywood, LA and New York. To that end, Stacy is recruiting a corps of knowledgable bloggers who can provide credible reviews pro or con to help interested readers decide whether they want to try a new offering before forking over the cold hard cash. It's kind of a Blogosphere application of the Wikipedia concept to new products in the arts and publishing.

Stacy is promising interviews with "Seeds of Deception" author Georgiana Preskar and Peter Schweizer, author of "Reagan's War," which was the basis of the superb "In the Face of Evil" documentary DVD on how the former president won the Cold War. BTWm if you haven't yet gotten your copy of "In the Face of Evil," click on the logo nearby in the right-hand column.

If you want more information about how to become part of the Mind & Media trusted network of reviewers, contact Stacy via the web site. And be prepared for somebody with what seems like an endless stream of tremendous ideas to boost bloggers and blogging.