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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Is Eason Jordan's Attack on Military a Turning Point for MSM, Blogs?

There is an adage about never interfering with an opponent who is in the process of committing suicide. For that reason, it is perhaps tempting in some sense to ignore the spreading conflagaration in the Blogosphere regarding CNN's Eason Jordan. He's the guy you will remember who several years ago admitted shading CNN reporting in order to protect the favored standing of the cable news operation's Bagdhad bureau with Saddam Hussein.

Now Jordan is again in very hot water after delivering remarks in a recent journalism forum in which he accused the U.S. military of purposely killing journalists in Iraq. Jordan has a history of such remarks, having previously accused the Israeli military of similar attacks. Jordan has never offered concrete evidence to back up these claims.

The President's State of the Union address is dominating the news today, but that is no excuse for the silence of the MSM on Jordan's accusation. If Jordan is right that the U.S. military has been taking out journalists under cover of the war in Iraq, he has the biggest scoop in CNN history. If he can't back up the charge, he raises further serious doubts about the integrity of CNN's news process. Either way, the accusation requires an MSM investigation that at least equals the intensity with which CBS's Mary Mapes went after the Abu Ghraib prison abuse story.

Thus far, however, nothing is being said in the MSM about Jordan's charges, despite a raft of evidence uncovered by the Blogosphere, particularly Captain's Quarters.com and Hugh Hewitt.com, indicating Jordan's accusation have little if any ground in reality. We may be witnessing a milestone in the MSM's response to the Blogosphere as the Jordan story develops, so it is very much worth watching.

But you need to know the full background, which you can find on Captain's Quarters here, here and here. Also, go to LaShawn Barber's Corner and "The Eason Jordan Repository," which you can find here. Also, Hewitt's Weekly Standard column here.