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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NRB UPDATE: Had a Great Time Critiquing Fairness Doctrine return advocates on NRB's FCC Panel Tuesday

A large and enthusiastic crowd of National Religious Broadcasters members cheered more than a few times yesterday as Federal Communications Commissioner Kevin Martin and yours truly made the case against restoration of anything resembling the Fairness Doctrine. I've met a bunch of super people here in Anaheim this week and am encouraged to find so many folks who love the First Amendment and are constantly wary of efforts to compromise it.

I'm lunching today with Stacy Harp, proprietor of MediaSoul.com and eInvolved.com, a couple of blogs you should know about from the thriving SoCal evangelical community, and a couple of pastors from area congregations. I am eager to hear their stories of how blogging has made a difference in their works.

Then, it's back to the airport and home, via a looooonnnnng flight to Atlanta and finally home to BWI. It's been a great trip but there is no place I ever prefer to be than home with Claudee, Abby and Cuddles.

Full-time blogging resumes here tomorrow.