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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

PoliPundit's "American Interactive Democracy" Has 20 Great ?s for Congress

PoliPundit's DJ Drummond has corralled people and bloggers in 58 congressional districts in 32 states who are asking their senators and congressmen for answers to 20 questions you probably wouldn't mind asking your own leaders!

What got my attention is Drummond's description of this project as part of PoliPundit's apparently ongoing effort to encourage "American Interactive Democracy." Sounds very much like the Grassroots Government idea that gets a lot of attention on this blog.

Click on the headline above and check out PoliPundit's project. It looks like something of which all of us should be a part. Here are PoliPundit's 20 Questions:

1. Should photo ID cards be required in order to vote?
2. What will you do to secure our borders from illegal immigrants and/or terrorists?
3. Is there a better solution to Middle East turmoil, than the establishment or promotion of freely elected democratic republics? Why or why not?
4. What are your intentions regarding Tort Reform?
5. If you could write an Amendment to the Constitution and know it would pass and be ratified, what would that Amendment be?
6. What specific measures would you recommend to protect Social Security for coming generations?
7. Where do you stand on eliminating the income tax and SSI tax and replacing them with a national consumption tax?
8. What will you do to ensure the integrity of the voting system?
9. What are the limits to judicial authority?
10. Given that many states give equal treatment U.S. citizens, legal aliens and illegal aliens, just what does it mean to be a U.S. citizen (besides not being hassled by Immigration?)
11. Should undocumented aliens have the ability to get legal drivers licenses?
12. What is your first proposal to balance the Federal Budget?
13. What is your proposal for lowering the National Debt?
14. Confidence in the validity of elections has fallen sharply in some places. What would you recommend to repair and rebuild that confidence?
15. What are the limits to the authority of the Federal Government?
16. Do you believe the continued existence of a central bank (the Federal Reserve) that issues fiat money is in the best interests of the U.S.?
17. What actions do you support for education reform?
18. Should judicial nominees be guaranteed a “yes or no” vote in Committee? Why or why not?
19. What should our short and long term strategies be in Iraq?
20. What should the United States’ relationship be with the United Nations?

This project by PoliPundit is one solid example of how the Blogosphere can apply the Internet to help transform government and make it more accountable. What's your idea?