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Monday, February 07, 2005

Today's Must-Read I: Malkin Talks to Rep. Barney Frank on Eason Jordan remarks

Michelle Malkin got Rep. Barney Frank on the telephone and talked to him about what he heard during remarks by CNN's Eason Jordan during the Global Economic Forum at Davos. Frank confirmed that he heard Jordan seeming to assert that U.S. soldiers intentionally targeted and killed journalists covering the War in Iraq. Jordan, who has yet to grant a public interview on the growing controversy, is not likely to be cheered by Frank's answers to Malkin's questions, which you can read by clicking on the headline above.

Rep. Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, is among the most liberal Members of Congress but is known as an extremely capable debater and a force to be reckoned with in the House of Representatives no matter which party has control. Frank said Jordan started backpedalling from his original assertion when it was challenged by Frank and others present at the forum.

Also, don't miss Captain's Quarters indispensable updates on Easongate, starting here. And don't miss Easongate.com, which is a joint blog record of the scandal, compiled by The Fourth Rail's Roggio and four co-conspirators, including Blackfive, Brian Scott, Chester and Charles Goggin.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is da bomb! Not only she did get Rep. Frank to talk, she also got David Gergen on the telephone and a statement from Sen. Chris Dodd. Howie Kurtz, go thou and do likewise!