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Friday, February 04, 2005

We Have a Blogley's Winner!

As you can see by clicking on the headline above, Danny fired off the answer to the first-ever Blogley's Betcha Don't Know This! contest on Tapscott's Copy Desk. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything else about our winner because Danny's profile isn't enabled.

But congratulations anyway, Danny. The answer was: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the father of the Social Security system, was also the first chief executive to recommend to Congress that American's also be encouraged to use private investment-based annuities to supplement their Social Security savings.

In case you wonder where the name of this odd contest originates, understand that in traditional newspapers, the copy desk inhabitants were invariably among the oddest but also smartest people in the newsroom. It was not unusual for them to indulge in continuous contests of one-upmanship based on knowledge of little known or otherwise useless scraps of knowledge.

Thus, "betcha didn't know the _________" was frequently heard from the slot man and around the rim, as the copy flowed, the time till deadline slowed and amazing new facts were stowed in the mental archives that often saved a newspaper from embarrassment the next morning.

So, Tapscott's Copy Desk will from time to time host a "Betcha Didn't Know This" contest to help circulate helpful but obscure or otherwise hard-to-find information around the Blogosphere. The suggestion box is open for ideas about suitable prizes for contest winners.

UPDATE: Now it can be told - the identity of "Danny," our winner! He's Dan Glover, editor of National Journal's Tech Daily. One of the sharpest people I know in D.C., too.