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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Captain's Quarters Has THE Definitive Look at How McCain-Feingold FEC Statement Misleads On Key Issues

Probably nobody was surprised earlier this week when Senators John McCain, R-AZ, and Russ Feingold, D-WI, issued a joint statement disputing FEC Commissioner Brad Smith's belief that his agency has been ordered by a federal court to regulate unpaid political speech on the Internet.

Now I wonder if either McCain or Feingold seriously focused on the statement before it was issued. Why? Click on the headline above this posting and read Captain's Quarters' "McCain, Feingold & Co.: Trust Us." After reading the Captain's analysis, you will see that it appears the only reasonable alternative explanation for the content of the senators' statement besides they did not read what was issued in their names is that they did read it and intended to say exactly what the statement said.

Here's the Captain's summary statement:

"While McCain and Feingold protest that their lawsuit only targets paid advertising, their action and the decision points out that they are being dishonest about it. The decision forces the FEC to regulate unpaid communications, including the Internet. How exactly do they propose on doing that? By going after those sites which repeat the candidates' positions -- or link back to them -- and declaring them in-kind contributions, the only way possible to regulate it."

This is absolutely devastating.