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Friday, March 25, 2005

Democracy Project Rounds Up Brad Smith Links on FEC Issue. And TCD Nominates Krempasky For 1st Amendment Award

Democracy Project has a compendum of links to vital primary sources and other important background information that illustrate comments made by Federal Election Commissioner Brad Smith at the March 24, 2005, hearing on the panel's proposed rule concerning Internet political speech and campaign finance reform.

The more we learn about what was intended by the three Democrat members of the FEC and their campaign finance allies on both sides of the aisle in Congress and the non-profit advocacy world, the more it seems clear the Blogosphere almost alone did yeoman's duty on behalf of the First Amendment in recent weeks, led by RedState's Mike Krempasky. If the Blogosphere ever comes up with a Defender of the First Amendment Award, Krempasky should be the first recipient.

And Brad Smith ought to be the first inductee in the Blogosphere's First Amendment Hall of Fame.

And speaking of RedState, check out Mark Kilmer's roundup of Blogosphere commentary on the FEC hearing and proposed rule here.

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