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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Did You Hear the One About the Retirement Home for Old Lefties?

Actually, it's real, it's not a joke, unless you are among the growing legion of folks who think just about anything appearing in The Los Angeles Times these days is a joke. Anyway, my buddy Dale Baker, AKA as "Okie on the Lam," has an hilarious take-out on a front page piece in the Times' "Sunset Hall's Red Twilight."

Before you click on the headline above this post to get to Dale's extended dissection of a living Museum of Leftist True Believers, click here and see for yourself. The Times really did publish this! It will give you a new appreciation for the fact some stereotypes are familiar because there is so much truth in them.

Anyway, after perusing Kurt Streeter's remarkable writing, go to Okie on the Lam and read all about it. Here's just a taste of Dale's slightly, shall we say jaundiced, assessment:

"Not even a mention in the article about a possibility that any of their pet beliefs might have been futile and or just plain wrong. Not one word about the fact of their living out their sunset years in a society where a black woman is Secretary of State, a black man is a Supreme Court Justice, a Latino is the federal Attorney General, the economy is expanding, interest rates are still extremely low, the standard of living in the U.S. is astounding compared with most of the societies on the planet (our poor would be rich, or at least middle class in most third-world countries), and freedom and democracy is breaking out all over. But I guess, to Mr. Streeter and the LA Times, these are not necessarily good things."

Oh, one more thing: Don't miss the latest installment of Dale's wonderful series on his father's WWII letters to his mother, which you can find here. Wonderful series.