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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Have You Discovered Lileks Yet?

If not, you are missing some of the finest prose being produced anywhere anytime. This guy is a newspaper columnist in Minnesota, but he writes wonderfully descriptive, engaging stuff that is by turns funny, sad or profound with the same apparent ease as Aryton Senna once made a Formula One car routinely defy the laws of gravity.

That is why so many folks think a day without The Bleat is a day lost to the irrelevancies. Here's a graph from today's Bleat. It captures the hollowness of the technology addiction that comes with an endless succession of new must-have gadgets:

"Anyway – I didn’t buy one. What do I need a notebook for? I have a computer. On the other hand, I don’t have a PDA. I don’t like them, yet. Someday they’ll make one I like and then I will discover I want one. (My friend the Giant Swede showed me how he called up the Bleat on his Blackberry the other day, and while that was rather neat, I need the ability to spend more time on the web – in teeny weeny form – about as much as I need a hot railroad spike hammered in my eyeball.)
"I hate having to get phone numbers and to-do lists from my laptop. Put them in your iPod! You should. But it’s in the car. Put it in your cell phone! It’s in my jacket downstairs. No, there’s something about a notebook I like. My eyeballs boot up quickly and they never need recharging, for starters."

I am green with envy, Lileks! The rest of us "normal" human beings struggle for hours or days to write two paragraphs as good as these, yet when he wrote them Lileks was sitting in his newspaper's coffee shop watching the Minnesota corner of the universe drift by, thinking about how blessed he is to be gnat's father.

God bless the Blogosphere for denying Minnesota a monopoly on The Bleat man.