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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Here's the Real McCarthyism at University of Colorado: Popular Prof Getting Axe for His Christian Faith, Conservative Politics

Outgoing University of Colorado President Betsy Hoffman had no trouble spotting a "new McCarthyism" in the critiques of Professor Ward "The 9/11 Victims were Little Eichmans" Churchill.

We wonder when she will address the plight of another University of Colorado professor whose contract is not being renewed - i.e. he is getting the axe - because of his conservative political views and evangelical religious faith.

Meet Professor Phil Mitchell, a 20-year-plus veteran of the Colorado faculty whose students over the years have consistently rated him as an A+ teacher. But that makes no difference to the Colorado faculty which is also being silent as one of its members is being persecuted for his political and religious views.

For more on this hypocritical but quite typical illustration of the Left's campus intolerance, see Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi's latest installment on the death of academic freedom and other insanities on the Boulder campus. Just click on the headline above this post.

Also, don't miss Wizbang's take on the situation, plus the links to other bloggers posting on it. This deserves widespread attention, outrage and protests. Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, where are you on the academic lynching of Professor Phil Mitchell?