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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

NEW MEDIA ROUNDUP: Prof Says MSM is Coming After Blogs

First, Smith College Econ professor James Smith is also Tech Central Station's Game Theory columnist. He took a look recently at the ongoing confrontation between the MSM and bloggers and found evidence of three areas in which the former is likely to assault the latter.

The three areas include campaign finance reform laws, libel law and copyright law. Unfortunately, we bloggers have some fundamental handicaps, according to Smith:

"In a fight against the MSM, blogs have two significant weaknesses: lack of monetary and legal resources. Most bloggers already lose money on their blogs. A small paperwork, monetary or legal burden imposed on bloggers would drive many of them to extinction. Expect the MSM to exploit this weakness."

You can read Prof. Smith's entire TCS column here.

Second, MSNBC's "Practical Futurist" columnist Michael Rogers has an interesting two-part look at Vlogging and considers whether it is the "next big thing" or just a niche product. You can read part one here and part two here.

Third, things are moving along for OurMedia according to New Media Musings' JD Lasica. Check out his status report here.

Fourth, Dan Gillmor has a new Toyota Prius with bluetooth. He's having an interesting time in getting the car and his Treo 650 telephone to recognize one another. Read about it here.

Fifth, LaShawn Barber has the goods on an MSM columnist who thinks he has the goods on bloggers. A fun and informative read, as LaShawn always is.

Sixth, Jack Shafer has the number on a blog-bashing column by The Los Angeles Times' David Shaw. But then Michell Malkin adds some important points to the Shaw critique here.