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Monday, March 14, 2005

NEWSFLASH! New York Times Admits Bush Didn't Invent Pre-Packaged News Videos

Revelations about conservative columnist Armstrong Williams' contract with the government to talk up the No Child Left Behind Act generated a continuing spate of articles in the MSM alleging the Bush administration has been "buying" favorable news coverage. One of the tools for doing so is supposedly the growing use by government flaks of pre-packaged news videos.

Today's edition of The New York Times has the latest example of such MSM coverage, but there is this one difference - buried in the story is the admission that Bush didn't invent the practice, it was also going on during the Clinton years!

When you click on the headline above this posting to go to the full Times article, you will notice that the headline says "Under Bush, a new age of pre-packaged TV news." The admission about the Clinton administration doesn't come until the second graph of the jump. One assumes the Times copy desk didn't read that far because if they had they would have written a different headline.

Anyway, Instapundit is all over this one. Glenn Reynolds and Peter Morgan wrote about such issues years ago and you can find out all kinds of interesting things about "pre-packaged news" by reading Reynolds piece here. Obviously, the Times reporters did not, which provides additional evidence either of how out of touch is the flagship of the MSM is or how unwilling it is to give its readers all the news, not just all the news that fits.