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Friday, April 15, 2005

Bush White House Gives 1965 Response to 2005 Armstrong Williams Issue at DoED

The Culture of Government in Washington, D.C. is so slow to catch up with the real world beyond the Beltway. Michelle Malkin notes that the Bush White House is refusing to allow current and former Department of Education officials to talk about the hiring of Armstrong Williams.

It makes absolutely no difference that the administration has the law on its side in matters like this. In 1965, when Washington wanted to keep something behind closed doors it was easy because the MSM was for the most part willing to abide just about anything in the interest of advancing the New Frontier/Great Society.

In 2005, there is no way to keep something behind closed doors for long. If it is damaging to Republicans, odds are good the MSM and the Left side of the Blogosphere will find it sooner or later. If it is damaging to the Democrats, odds are good Talk Radio and the Right side of the Blogosphere will find it sooner or later.

Bottom line: Trust is earned through transparency. Distrust is earned through evasion. When is Washington going to get this?