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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A 'Chilling Moment' at ASNE Conference

Jeff Jarvis calls it a "chilling moment." Tim Porter calls it "a telling moment."

I call it just about what you expect from a roomful of MSM editors being harrassed on one side to cut costs AGAIN so the corporate owners can make more dough and on the other trying to figure out how on earth he or she can put out a daily newspaper that somebody, anybody, please will read, despite not having enough people in the newsroom to do it "right."

Jarvis and Porter both offer a wealth of valuable insights on much of what happened at ASNE this year. Reading it all makes me wonder if perhaps future historians of journalism might not see this year as a turning point - one way or the other - for the MSM. Anyway, you should read Jeff's illuminating post here, then go to Tim's site here. Be prepared to spend a lot of time with both sites.

And while you are on Tim's site, do not fail to follow the links to his "Six Things That Should Be On The Agenda," which he wrote a week or so before the ASNE convenes. Or just click here. If you love newspapers and journalism, you will copy those six items and send them to every journalist you know.

UPDATE: Dan Gillmor wonders how many railroad execs in 1908 would have recognized a photo of ?