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Friday, April 08, 2005

Don't These People Know They Will Be Found Out?

A Boston Herald op-ed columnist gets a contract to promote Gov. Mitt Romney's environmental policies, even as he continues to write columns. This stinks. Here's the rival Boston Globe's account of the situation:

"The columnist, Charles D. Chieppo, started working yesterday with the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. His job calls for writing op-ed pieces and internal documents ''to support the efforts of senior management to promote education, awareness, and acceptance of major policy initiatives' on the environment.
"Chieppo will work two days a week until at least June 30. He also plans to continue writing op-ed columns for the Herald, where he is paid for each article.
"Chieppo, who signed his pact on April 2, declined to comment yesterday. In January, he left a six-figure job in the Executive Office of Administration and Finance to start a private consulting business and to write the weekly Herald column."

And The Boston Herald agreed to continue publishing Chieppo? Dan Gillmor has observations here.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more and as always she is tough as nails and absolutely on point:
"Disclosure is not the only issue. Perception matters, too. Do we really need another paid partisan hack to confirm what the liberal MSM already unfairly assumes of all conservatives in the media--that we're all on the payroll of the Republican Party and incapable of independent journalism?
"Take off the Bad Idea Jeans and show better judgement, people. Crikey."

Me, too, Michelle!

UPDATE II: The Herald fires Chieppo. Way to go, Shelley!