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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Edelman, Intelliseek.com Team Up on "Trust MEdia" Study of Blogosphere

Studies of the impact of the Blogosphere on everything from advertising to Zen marketing are coming out of the woodwork! Earlier this week it was the Carnegie Report by Merrill Brown on "Abandoning the News."

Today, I find "'Trust MEdia:' How real people are finally being heard" is a joint effort from Intelliseek.com and Edelman, based on Edelman's 2005 Trust Survey. Key insights include this: "The average person does not want canned, neatly packaged messages; the average person wants to engage and be engaged in conversations. And blogs - short for web logs - have rapidly emerged as one of the newest technologies driving this shift."

And this: "The new reality is this: Any blog author with a passion for what you're selling knows you're doing the minute you do it and maybe even before."

Sounds like Dan Gillmor and Hugh Hewitt, right?! Read it all here.