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Monday, April 11, 2005

Keep an Eye on This: Does Hugo Chavez Have WMDs? And When Will MSM Notice?

Captain's Quarters is quoting a Spanish blogger's report regarding evidence from the Europa Press that Spain sold Venzuela's Hugo Chavez small amounts of radioactive and chemical warfare materials. The amounts weren't large but even so it could indicate something in the development stage.

Captain notes that:
"This report needs further investigation to determine its accuracy and the current status of the materials in question. Given Chavez' hostility of late to the US and his coziness to Cuba, we might find that material deployed against us in the near future."

It will also be interesting to see how long it takes the MSM here to pick up on this story that has now been broken in the U.S. by a blogger. Read the Captain's full post here.

UPDATE: The conservative part of the MSM is definitely getting on this story. The American Spectator's Clinton Taylor has more, including this assessment of what may be behind Chavez's activities:

"President Chavez may be a thuggish autocrat, but he isn't stupid enough to use chemical or biological weapons against American civilians, at least directly. He may see them as insurance against the possibility of an American invasion; however, the United States demonstrated in Iraq that threats of chemical retaliation will not deter us should we decide to invade.
"A more likely scenario is the use of these WMD's for international extortion against South American governments. Chavez's alleged links to Colombia's narcoterrorist FARC and to Evo Morales's cocaleros in Bolivia suggest he could find a vector for the weapons should he need one. "The implicit threat of arming insurgent groups with WMD's may compel these governments -- especially the precarious democracy in Bolivia -- to accommodate Venezuela's policies or to reject ours."

That makes sense, in the same way a South American Ghaddafi makes sense.

UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin has more bloggers picking up on the story with more details.