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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

MBA Nominated for Freedom of Expression Blog Award by Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders has nominated the Media Bloggers Association for its Freedom of Expression Blog award. Speaking as one of the earliest members of MBA and as an MSM journalist who loves the First Amendment, I am especially proud of this nomination. It's going to take some time but bloggers can strike powerful blows on behalf of the oppressed everywhere and those who blog at risk of their lives deserve support and recognition.

Here's more from the MBA:

"The RSF explains 'Blogs have become significant sources of news for millions of Internet-users. In repressive countries they represent an alternative news source to state-controlled media. In regimes that show greater respect for freedom of expression, they can relay comments, articles and opinions that are not necessarily broadcast by the major media.'
"Sixty blogs have been nominated in six categories : Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Iran and International. The Media Bloggers Association has been nominated in the International category. The International category is of blogs that have a general interest in freedom of expression on the Internet
"The RSF is calling on internet-users around the world to select the winners. Each voter may only vote for one blog per geographical category.
"If you would like to support the MBA for this award please

Yes, please do vote. You can learn more about MBA in general and its work with RWF and other initiatives on behalf of bloggers and free expression here.