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Monday, April 11, 2005

New Blog Has 'Intelligent Design'

It gets only occasional, virtually always insulting, coverage in the MSM, but there is a revolutionary movement afoot in the science community and it has to do with what the latest discoveries in genetics, bio-chemistry, physics and other fields may say about evolution. Take these developments seriously because we may be closer to a fundamental paradigm change on the issues of human origin than anybody in an American newsroom realizes. That is why you need to know about ID the Future blog.

ID the Future is a blog written by such ID luminaries as William Dembski, Michael Behr and Guillermo Gonzalez, though Dembski seems to be the most frequent contributor. A good place to start exploring this important new blog would be Dembski's post on "Evolution: Cloaking Ignorance in Terminology." Keep an open mind.