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Monday, April 18, 2005

Speaking of Talking (On Radio, Internet, etc.)

Democracy Project's Win Myers has a great analysis of why liberal Talk Radio has failed to generate significant audience share outside of the bluest of blue areas. Along the way, Myers offers this analytical gem:

"Conservative elites aside, it's the conservative base that makes up the bulk of take radio's audience. And these folks, after all, are always the target of the liberal elite's scorn. It's the latter who cling to the hope that they're the natural aristocracy. Born superior, they should rule by default. It's this sense of privilege that, in their eyes at least, allows them to substitute attitude for argument, posturing for thinking. Put simply: any movement whose intellectual elite includes Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter is in deep trouble precisely because of its shallow nature."

Put another way, it's hard to get folks to follow you when you keep telling them how stupid they are for following somebody else.