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Saturday, April 30, 2005

TCD IS BACK! And Here is The First Thing That Caught My Eye While Trying To Catch Up

Jeff Jarvis likes Craig Newmark's adaption of the American Idol concept to advertising, but, not surprisingly, Jeff also has an even better idea:

"Craig Newmark has a change-the-rules idea the new Current.TV: Let the audience vote off the worst commercials.
"I like that: Sponsors would know the rules when they advertise and would operate under fear of being voted off, so they would improve their commercials. But it's so, well, negative. How about a more aggressive scheme:
"How about having a contest for the best commercials, products, and brands on the network. Make it a game. Hire the Simon Cowell (or Bob Garfield) of the people to slam the spam. Have the sponsors compete for our affection.
"Everybody wins:"

You have to follow the link to BuzzMachine to see what Jeff wrote after the colon. And it is worth going there.