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Monday, April 11, 2005

What is Going on at AP?

Does AP know the news before it happens? It appears at least one AP reporter does when it comes to the confirmation hearing today for John Bolton to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Check this out. And check out the comments on this story at Lucianne.com.

And over at Powerline, D. Gorton, a former award-winning photographer for The New York Times, has some eye-opening comments about that controversial Pulitzer Prize shot of Iraqi insurgents executing Iraqi election workers in broad daylight on a public road. The issue, which was inspired by the awarding of journalism's most prestigious award for the shot, is what the AP photographer knew from the insurgents before the executions.

Put another way, the issue is at what point does having advance information about a news event that involves murder become complicity? Among The New York Times D. Gorton's disturbing comments are these: "Moreover, there is nothing in the information put forward that would definitively answer critics who believe that the photographer may have been complicit in the event on Haifa St."

Powerline has posted on this here and here. Both are lengthy posts but well worth the reading time in order to understand fully the issues at stake, as well as some of the dangerous intricacies involved in being a news photographer in a war zone.

UPDATE: Then there is this from Trevor Bothwell of The Right Report on AP's inability to discriminate between a .45 caliber pistol and an AK-47 assault rifle while reporting that Texas football coach being shot last week.

UPDATE II: Let's see now, Detroit Free Press sports columnist Mitch Albom is under fire for writing a recent column that made it appear as if his two sources were actually present at the Michigan State-North Carolina Final Four college basketball game.

The Chicago Tribune's Michael Hirsley, assisted by Tribune colleagues Ed Sherman and Mike Downey, asked some MSM colleagues for their views on what should happen to Albom. Here's what the Baltimore Sun's Randy Harvey, the paper's assistant managing editor for sports, said: "I don't see how they will have any choice at the end of their investigation but to fire Mitch and the editor or editors who read the column before it was published."

I wonder what Harvey would suggest for the AP reporter and desk editors who used advance copies of testimony to write what appeared to be an eyewitness story on the Bolton confirmation hearing piece earlier today?