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Saturday, April 16, 2005

WHAT IS GOING ON AT: The Boston Globe?

We've all seen stories and photos of those cruel seal hunters braining helpless baby seals. Some people even see those stories when they don't happen. Where do we find such people? No, not in an institution, at least not that kind of institution. How about The Boston Globe? Yes, the one owned by The New York Times.

Michelle Malkin - who was absolutely superb filling in for Sean Hannity Friday night, especially in the moment at the end of the show as she gazed back at the babbling Combs with a look of utter pity - not only has the details on the Globe's apparent hiring of Jayson Blair, but a handy list of similar episodes from throughout the MSM in recent years as well.

BTW, the "What is Going on At:" hedder has heretofore been reserved for the AP, but the way things are going elsewhere in the MSM, it looks likely to be used with many of the wire service's clients.