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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Where's the Civility for LaShawn?

A familiar theme among those on the Left in recent years has concerned the alleged loss of civility in America's public policy discussions. On closer inspection, such comments often turn out to mean the speaker is upset that somebody, anybody would actually have the temerity to disagree with some liberal shiboleth.

I always think of the civility dodge when I hear of things such as the invective LaShawn Barber is being exposed to by bloggers who for all appearances are from the Left side of the Blogosphere. LaShawn is an articulate, intelligent and courageous blogger. She is also a born-again Christian who is not afraid to speak of her faith in any context, a conservative who has little patience for political cant and a Black woman who has been through it.

In other words, LaShawn is just the kind of person who is likely to have something original, refreshing, controversial and thought-provoking to say to those who have an open mind and a reservoir of intellectual curiosity. Perfect qualifications for being a blogger, right?

Well, check out this post from LaShawn and then drop her a note of support and encouragement. Frankly, she is an inspiration to me and I admire her tenacity, inner strength and faith.