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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Why Won't The MSM Cover These Crimes?

LaShawn Barber reports that it is not a hate crime in New York when as many as 30 black males brutally beat four white females. Nor is it a hate crime when a group of black football players knock out a white guy for dancing with his wife ... who is black. These kinds of crimes are far from rare.

But the MSM hardly ever covers them. Why is that? LaShawn has the answer:
"Hate crime laws are designed to punish the thoughts of white, straight, Christian males. Only blacks, Hispanics and Muslims (women, too, on a good day) are protected under these laws. I’m black, so I guess I qualify for the skin privilege.
"My gratitude is gushing all over the place. Really."

Hate crime laws are really tools in the PC war against freedom of speech and the First Amendment. LaShawn has much to say on this, as will I in the future.