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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

BackFence.com Is Up and Running to Advance Media's Web-based Future

At least, I think it is. BackFence.com is an attempt to coalesce a community on the web with a depth and credibility that is beyond the comprehension of most of the MSM. The key is that BackFence.com's readers are also its reporters, editors, critics, photographers and much else.

Mark Potts, a former Washingtonpost.com editorial executive, is the driving force behind BackFence.com. He has bet big-time that the web is where the town meets and reports itself to itself. Reston and McLean, two very upscale Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., are the first two places to go live with BackFence.com sites.

Check it out here. Potts and Susan DeFife, his co-conspirator, explain here in fascinating detail how BackFence.com came to be. I think BackFence.com is going to take a bit of time to catch on but once it does it is going to grow like gangbusters. Then we will all be claiming to have seen it coming a long time ago.

Dan Gillmor is also cautiously optimistic about BackFence.com and puts its advent into a bit of perspective here.