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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Krempasky Catches Internet Speech Police Fudging the Facts and the Law ... Again

Will they never learn? RedState.org's Mike Krempasky knows all, sees all and catches all when it comes to the connivings of John McCain's corps of Internet Speech Police and their rich funding allies in the campaign finance reform movement's liberal foundations. This time Krempasky spies something in Tuesday's "reporting" by Washington Post free lancer Brian Faler.

Faler noted that advocates of FEC regulation of political speech on the Internet want the federal agency to step in whenever a blogger receives payment from a political campaign and require the same kind of disclosure as is now required of a candidate's committee.

To which Krempasky notes:
"This is just nonsense.
"Under current campaign finance law - the disclosure requirements
rest with the campaign - not the recipient of the money. It's up to Hasen and Potter to explain exactly under what statutory authority they'd like the FEC to require such disclosure. (remember, at the March 23 hearing and the Capitol Hill panel in which I participated in, FEC Chairman Scott Thomas admitted that he didn't believe that the FEC had an easy way to force this disclosure).
"Are they proposing forcing bloggers who happen to take a paycheck from a campaign fall under the category of 'agent'? (putting them on the same level as the Honorary Finance Chairman)
"Or are they trying to create an environment in which any dollars that go to a blogger automatically transform the entire blog into something 'controlled' by a political committee?"

Go here for the rest of Krempasky's barrage.