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Monday, May 23, 2005

Kudos from Christianity Today for ABC 20/20 Documentary on the Resurrection

Christianity Today blogger Ted Olsen finds much to be positive about in the 20/20 segment "The Resurrection: Searching for Answers," which aired May 20. Olsen says evangelical experts get most of the attention, but he also notes reviews by others, some of whom are less enthusiastic about the production.

Here's Olsen's basic take, including a confession from ABC Producer Elizabeth Vargas that she never knew there was so much evidence for the view that Christ's tomb was empty because He did exactly what He told His disciples He would do, which was be resurrected on the third day after His death:

"Producer Elizabeth Vargas tells Beliefnet (an ABC News partner) that she was surprised to find so much agreement. 'I didn't know that for centuries historians could actually verify that there was this really dramatic change in the disciples' behavior and nobody can really explain that,' she said. 'And that nobody did argue that really the tomb was full, they all agreed the tomb was empty, even nonbelievers. It's true that at the end of the day faith is a leap that you must make or not make. But I appreciate and really enjoy the intellectual investigation into everything.'"

Reading Vargas reminds us that there is hope even within the depths of the MSM that minds can be opened and solid journalism be the result. You can read all of Olsen's analysis here. I missed the 20/20 production, so I would be very interested in reactions from other bloggers who did see the ABC program.