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Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Bad News on the FEC Front: Ready for Your Subpoena?

There were other things happenning in the nation's capitol yesterday besides wandering Cessnas and that House subcommittee hearing on the FOIA. RedState's Mike Krempasky was there when the Institute on Politics, Democracy and the Internet joined with the Center for Democracy and Technology held a briefing on the proposed FEC rule regulating freedom of speech on the Internet.

With his usual understated wit, Krempasky spotlights one of the basic problems in this process by noting:

"Further, when you present several sets of facts illustrating what bloggers really do right now (soliciting money, coming together to collaborate, etc) and the former head of the enforcement division at the FEC agrees in every single case that under the rules as currently proposed by the FEC those situations would at the VERY LEAST trigger an investigation by the Commission - well...pardon me if I don't just roll over and say, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?' Get ready for your subpeonas, my friends. "

Are you ready for your subpoena? Go here for the rest of the story from Krempasky.