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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Want to Get Your Photo in The Washington Post Magazine?

It's a rare day that The Washington Post gets anything in the way of kudos in this space but there actually is some life yet in that denizen of the MSM. Keith Jenkins, a Post Magazine photog who also blogs at Good Reputation Sleeping, has news of a new feature, "Blog City: Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Washington's Photobloggers."

Blog City will post photos submitted by Washington region bloggers and flickr folks. There are no limitations on content other than being family friendly and shots of kids require pre-publication parental consent. Jenkins has more details here.

Frankly, the Post Magazine (aimed primarily at the daily's highest demographic slice) is a curious place to do such a feature, but perhaps the likely positive response will encourage Post editors to expand the project to a more suitable venue such as the suburban Extra editions or the Metro section. And then, who knows, maybe the Post will even draw the logical conclusion about the next step - asking readers to become reporters, too.