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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Did You Wonder Where I Was?

Probably not, but just in case you did, something went wrong last Thursday afternoon and for reasons that still escape me Blogger would not allow any new posts to appear on Tapscott's Copy Desk. The problem persisted even after doing all the fixes recommended by Blogger's help FAQ, so I emailed the Blogger help desk. Three times between Saturday and earlier today. No response. In fairness to Blogger, it was Memorial Day weekend, but I am still miffed that nobody could respond to my emails yesterday or today.

Finally, Matthew Sheffield suggested this afternoon that I try converting to a different format within the Blogger range of choices. Selecting the new format meant losing all of the sidebar additions like blogrolls and links to neat stuff Site Meters and the Media Bloggers Association, but copying that section of the code and inserting it into the new format worked just fine.

So Tapscott's Copy Desk is back online and posting like crazy! Thank you Matthew Sheffield.